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KPOP's All About the Ladies Show (Friday Request Show Only) has been moved to a new time now starting at 2 PM EST.


Big B Radio will be Closing Request for All Stations during the following shows: Listeners' Choice Top 30 KPOP Weekly Chart, JPOP Top Hour, any VS Marathons and Mid-year/Year-end Charts. For more information on when the request will close please refer to our schedule page. Thanks!

Listeners' Choice KPOP Results:

JPOP TOP HOUR Weekly Results:

Highlight Artists

milet (ミレイ) is a Japanese singer and songwriter under the label SME Records... [read more]


Featured Artists

Purple Kiss (퍼플키스) is a 7 member girl group under RBW Entertainment... [read more]


TO1 (티오원) (formerly known as TOO) is a 9 member boy group under Wake One Entertainment... [read more]