Join us while we play one full hour of songs that have been on recent Billboard Japan Hot 100 and Oricon charts. TOP 5 JPOP songs of the week will play after the show! Every new show Wednesday 11PM EST / Thursday 1PM KST


Close calls

Hinatazaka46 - Kimi wa Honeydew

BE:FIRST - Masterplan

ME:I - Click

ICEx - Bilimi



imase - Happy Order?

LiSA - Shouted Serenade



Nogizaka46 - Chance wa Byodo

imase - BONSAI

Hiromitsu Kitayama - The Beast

Girls2 - Magic

KEP1ER - Straight Line

Fujii Kaze - Michi Teyu Ku (Overflowing)

Kenshi Yonezu - Sayonara, Mata Itsuka!




*This chart is based 25% On DJ's opinion based on Billboard Japan & Oricon charts and 75% on Big B Radio's JPOP TOP HOUR poll and you can vote here: VOTE


I vote for DREAMCATCHER!!!

He is the one and only entertainer.


Please let me request Magic Touch by King & Prince from Japan!

Fujii Kaze may be new to “J-POP top hour” but he’s very talented and his “Matsuri” is a great J-R&B. Hope you play it this week!!


INI /Password

NIK - LA vida loca

very good!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it

I love the song “TraceTrace” by King & Prince!
I’m not familiar with the vocaloid song, but I can’t stop repeating this song.
I love the lyric and the concept of the MV, and more than anything, I love their performance so much! ♡

Just listening to them every day makes my day great, Thank you MINI- NIKEE

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to make King & Prince's Tsukiyomi known to as many people as possible.

Pleaae check "ichiban dance version".
Theirs dance is cool & special.

King&Princeis Japanese treasure.
Their song and dance and appearance are perfect!
However, their splendor is a personality and way of life.
They have strength like the King and the gentleness like the Prince.
I want world people to know them.

King and Prince is Japanesr idol with huge talent in many field, dance, singing MC eyc. Hope more people wiil love them!

Congratulations on King & Prince!
I'm happy that the best songs are ranked first!
You're the best!

King&Prince Love!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks tsukiyomi No. 1‼︎ very very happy‼︎


King & Prince Love !

Tsukiyomi was Japan's only million-seller last year!
Choreographed by world-famous dancer RIEHATA, King & Prince is a one and only idol and artist!

Congratulations, BE:FIRST !!!

BE:FIRST make life worth living!!!!!Thank you .


"Paradise", the theme song for "Movie Doraemon", was composed and produced by Stray Kids (3RACHA).

Love Of A Lifetime By Crystal Kay Please

I'm so happy that Ding Ding Dong is this week's No.1 in JpopHour !
Thank you so much for sharing their MV and supporting them.

Congratulations BBZ .
Thank you so much #BigBRadio for your support.

Love of A Lifetime

Candy Kiss is cool and pop!!

I would like to hear GOAT by Number_i on your radio.
Their music is awesome!
I hope you like it! Thank you!

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