DreamNote (드림노트)

FEATURED ARTIST: DreamNote (드림노트)

DreamNote (드림노트) is a girl group under iMe Korea who debuted on November 7th, 2018 with the self named track ‘Dream Note’. The group consists of six members: leader Youi (유아이), calm beauty Boni (보니), honey voice Lara (라라), powerful voice Miso (미소), dance god Sumin (수민) and piercing visual Eunjo (은조).

LUCY (루시)


LUCY is a 4 member pop-rock band under ‘Mystic Story’, home to other artists like Yoon Jong Shin (CEO & Founder), Brown Eyed Girls, Eddy Kim, and 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon. They debuted on May 8th, 2020 with the title track ‘Flowering (개화)’ after winning 2nd place on the audition show ‘JTBC SuperBand’ where the group was formed from. The band takes their name after a dog that they used to play with that lived close to where they practiced.

ØMI (Hiroomi Tosaka)


ØMI (Hiroomi Tosaka) is a Japanese solo artist and a member of the group Sandaime J Soul Brothers / J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE (JSB) who recently released his EP ‘Answer...Shadow’ with the title track ‘Colorblind’. J Soul Brothers recently came back with their latest ‘100 Seasons’ and ‘Tonight’ for their 10th Anniversary.

PinkFantasy (핑크판타지)


PinkFantasy (핑크판타지) is a girl group under Mydoll Entertainment who debuted on October 24, 2018 with the title track ‘Iriwa’. The  group currently consists of members SeeA (시아 formerly of Piggy Dolls), Yechan (예찬 formerly of Awesome Baby) Harin (하린), Arang (아랑), Momoka (모모카), Miku (미쿠), Heesun (희선) as well as a hidden member Daewang.

Daewang is always masked and their real identity will be announced in the future. The member being hidden makes the group unique within the KPOP industry. The group’s line-up has changed since debut due to another unique concept of having guest members during each comeback. Past and guest members include: SangA (상아), Yubeen (유빈), Aini (아이니) and Miu (미우).

Pink Fantasy released their 2nd single ‘Fantasy’ on August 5th, 2019. On November 9th, 2019 their 3rd single ‘Playing House’ was released followed soon by ‘Shadow Play’ a song of the unofficial sub-unit ‘PinkFantasy Shadow’ on July 19, 2020. The group has 2 official sub-units ‘MDD’ and ‘Pink Fantasy SHY’ and some of their music videos were produced by ‘Shindong of Super Junior’.

On January 21, 2021 along with then guest member Heesun, the group released their 4th single ‘Lemon Candy’. ‘Lemon Candy’ was a favorite of Big B Radio’s listeners debuting on a the Listeners’ Choice Top 30 KPOP Weekly Countdown at #28 on January 30th and staying for 6 weeks on the chart peaking at #9 on both February 6th and 20th.

On June 21st their 1st EP ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was released with the title track ‘Poison’. Poison is described as a rockvibe song (similar to ‘Fantasy’) with teasers featuring Kim Jung Mo (TRAX) as a guitarist.

Article created: 06-20-2021



KINGDOM (킹덤) is a 7 member boy group under GF Entertainment (home formerly of the girl group GeeGu) consisting of Dann (단 formerly of Varsity), Louis (루이), Chiwoo (치우), Arthur (아서 formerly of Varsity), Ivan (아이반), Mujin (무진), and Jahan (자한). They started introducing members in January 2020 and debuted on February 18, 2021 with their first mini album ‘History of Kingdom: PartⅠ. Arthur’ with the title song ‘Excalibur’.

On January 22, 2020 the first 3 members Dann, Louis and Chiwoo were revealed through photos. April 17th Arthur was introduced, Ivan May 29th, Jahan June 30th and finally Mujin was revealed on July 31st, 2020. January 9th, 2021 the group released their first teaser image following soon with the first music video teaser of ‘Excalibur’. 

Excalibur debuted on Big B Radio’s Listeners’ Choice Top 30 Weekly Countdown at #11 on February 22, 2021 and peaked at #10 the following week on March 6th. 

The head of GF Entertainment announced that the members would represent ‘Seven Kingdoms and Seven Kings’. Each member represents a different king in history and their first album would focus on the story of ‘King Arthur’. Kingdom’s 2nd mini album is set to be released July 1st, 2021 called ‘History of Kingdom: PartⅠⅠ Chiwoo’ with the title track ‘KARMA’.

Article created: 06-18-2021