Join us while we play one full hour of songs that have been on recent Billboard Japan Hot 100 and Oricon charts. And the TOP 5 JPOP songs of the week! Every new show Wednesday 10PM EST / Thursday 11AM KST

April 7, 2021 JPOP Top 5 on the online poll!

#1 NiziU - Take a Picture

#2 Daichi Miura - Backwards

#3 Utada Hikaru - One Last Kiss

#4 Dreamcatcher - Eclipse

#5 OWV - Roar



Weekly Birthday Bash Show

Come celebrate the birthdays of your favorite artists with Big B Radio!

Join us while we listen to songs by artist with birthdays this week

Every Sunday at 7PM EST and an encores every Monday at 9PM EST and Thursday at 7AM EST

April 11 - 17

3YE - Yurim

APink - Namjoo

EXO - Sehun

GWSN (Seokyoung and Lena)

ITZY - Ryujin

Pentagon (Jinho and Hongseok)

The Boyz - Sunwoo

Whee In (Mamamoo)