Volunteer requirements:
We are always willing to accept volunteers and are glad you are interested in helping our station.
We accept volunteers for various positions:
Chatango & CBOX Moderators
Social Media
I want to address that to be a volunteer DJ:
1 - You must be knowledgeable when it comes to Asian music and can tell the difference between KPOP, JPOP and CPOP.
2 - You must be willing to work with other DJ’s and help with multiple stations.
   A - You must be polite to all listeners.
   B - You must know the rules of requesting and apply them. http://bigbradio.net/requests 
   C - You must be willing to help promote Big B Radio.
   D - You must be willing to learn how our servers work (KPOP and JPOP are on the same server platform which is different from the CPOP and Main server platform)
3 - You would need accounts for both Chatango and CBOX (DJ’s have 2 accounts, one fan account and a DJ account)
4 - You would also need WHATSAPP to keep in communication with DJ’s.
As always volunteers and donations helps keep our stations continuing to give all listeners around the world the music that they love and enjoy!
Big B Radio Staff

To Inquire About Volunteering