We would like to first say thank you so much for listening to Big B Radio and for always keeping us busy with your requests! We'd like to bring some things to light, Big B Radio is ran by volunteers and donations. Due to our volunteer DJs different time zones and schedules, sometimes the adding of requests can be affected. We hope you can understand. Please be advised if a DJ is available they will take your request at that time.

Please use ONLY our request line when making request: https://my.cbox.ws/bigbradio-requests
Please use the Chatango chatbox for everything other than requests: https://bigbradio.chatango.com

Please follow our rules when making request:

  • You can make a request for up to 3 songs per 35 minutes.*
  • All of your request must have been played before requesting again.
  • Please wait 35 minutes after your request has played to request again.
  • If your request is only 1 or 2 songs, you will still have to wait the 35 minutes to request again.
  • The 35 minute rule is applied for all stations.
    (Do not request on one station then request on another station within that 35 minute span)
  • Please refrain from requesting 3 songs by the same artist.
  • Please refrain from requesting the same song multiple times a day.
  • Please remain in the request chat until your request is confirmed.
    (If a DJ cannot direct message you in regards to your request when adding your request, your request may be dismissed)
  • DJ’s have the right to add additional restrictions & bans!

Thank you,
Big B Radio’s Staff

If you are interested in helping out and making a donation, please do so here:
For contact info: https://www.bigbradio.net/contact
For donation info: https://www.bigbradio.net/about

*Please be aware that multiple users using a common gateway/proxy (same home, school, work network) at the same time, may experience server enforced increased requesting limitations. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the anti-spam system. If you consistently have a problem requesting please let us know via the contact form.