ORβIT (ORBIT /オルビット / 오르빗) is a 7 member Japanese-Korean group who fully promotes Japanese pop music under ‘Dream Passport’. The group was formed by Produce 101 Japan Season 1 and consists of 3 former KPOP group HALO members. Each member represents a planet in the universe with fans named ‘Earth’. The members include: Heecheo (ヒチョ / 희처 *Uranus), Younghoon (ヨンフン / 영훈 *Saturn), Yoondong (ユンドン / 윤동 *Venus), June (ジュン / 준 *Mars), Tomo (トモ / 토모 *Neptune), Shunya (シュンヤ / 슌야 *Mercury), and Yugo (ユウゴ / 유고 *Jupiter). 

The group debuted officially on November 11, 2020 with a full album ‘00 (オーツー) with the lead title track ‘UNIVERSE’ being pre-released on October 16, 2020. ‘00’ peaked at #3 on both Oricon and Billboard Japan charts. Prior to debut members Heecheo (then known as Heecheon), Younghoon (Ooon), and Yoondong were former members of South Korean boy group ‘HALO’ which disbanded on May 8, 2019. June (Jun Uehara) competed on the survival show Mnet’s Produce X 101 and placed 91st. During ‘Produce 101 Japan Season 1’ June, Tomo (Tomoaki Ando), Shunya (Shunya Osawa) and Yugo (Yugo Miyajima) were eliminated in the show's finale, finishing at 20th, 14th, 13th, and 12th places, respectively.

On April 21, 2021 the group released their first EP ‘ENCHANT’ with the lead titles ‘Blind’ and ‘Dionaea’. ENCHANT peaked at #2 on Oricon and #5 on Billboard Japan. The group followed with their 2nd EP ‘Alter Ego’ with the title track ‘Eclipse’ on November 23, 2021. Alter Ego peaked #5 on Oricon and #4 Billboard Japan. ‘Eclipse peaked at #3 on Big B Radio’s JPOP Top Hour on December 8th. 

ORBIT’s songs have reached Big B Radio’s Jpop Top Hour being voted for by our listeners and they continue to top Japanese music charts. You can request ORBIT songs and vote for their songs on Big B Radio’s poll.

Article created: 12-16-2021

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