FEATURED ARTIST: Drippin (드리핀)

Drippin (드리핀) is a 7-member boy group under Woollim Entertainment (home to other artists Infinite, Lovelyz, Golden Child and Rocket Punch) who debut on October 28th, 2020, with the first mini album ‘Boyager’ and the title track ‘Nostalgia’. Prior to debut some of the members were in the project group known as ‘W Project 4’, the pre-debut song ‘1M1S’ stayed for 2 weeks on Big B Radio’s Listeners’ Choice Weekly Top 30 KPOP songs, reaching #19 back on September 7, 2019.

The group consists members of Yunseong (윤성), Lee Hyeop (협), Changuk (창욱), Dongyun (동윤), Minseo (민서), Junho (준호), and Alex (알렉스, who is the first KPOP Idol with German nationality). All members except Alex appeared on Produce X 101 with Junho ranking #9 on the finale, making him a member of X1. Drippin’s official fandom name is Dreamin (알렉스) = Dreaming together and making their dreams come true.

‘Nostalgia’ debuted on Big B Radio’s Listeners’ Choice Weekly Top 30 KPOP songs on October 31st, 2020 and stayed on the chart for 6 weeks peaking at #2 on November 7th. Their second EP ‘A Better Tomorrow’ was released on March 16, 2021 with the lead title ‘Young Blood’. ‘Young Blood’ stayed for 3 weeks on the Top 30 peaking at #11 on March 27th. Following the release of ‘A Better Tomorrow’ the group came back with their first single album ‘Free Pass’ with the title track of the same name. On November 11, 2021 Drippin released the Universe Music promotional single ‘Vertigo’.

On January 17, 2022 the group released their third EP ‘Villain’ with the lead title of the same name. ‘Villain’ debuted on Big B Radio’s Listeners’ Choice Weekly Top 30 KPOP songs on January 29 at #17, the song went then on to peak at #4 on February 12th, 2022. You can request DRIPPIN songs and vote for their songs on Big B Radio’s poll.

Article created: 2-28-2022

Special Credit to: @DRIPPIN7INFO on twitter

Drippin (드리핀) Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drippin 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drippinwoollimentertainment/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearedrippin/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNf1JFLCOec-SUhREgZaR6w 

VLive: https://www.vlive.tv/channel/AD7A37 

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